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What is Macao glue Instructions for playing Macao standard from experts

Macao Handicap is a curious and challenging term, raising questions for both beginners and experienced players. To meet that need to learn, the article below will share with players valuable experience to help players read odds effectively and accurately.


Find out what Macao odds are?

Macao handicap, also known as Asian handicap, is considered by betting experts to be simple to play and has a high winning rate. Before the match, the house offers many types of bets and odds. This emphasizes players' mastery of pre-match information to make the best decisions.


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To win in this betting world, you not only need to understand Macao odds but also need to master the diverse and complex odds. Join us to explore and conquer new winning opportunities.


Same-ball odds: This bet is for teams of equal talent, as well as equal or nearly equal performance. If the player bets on which team wins, the result is that team wins, the player bet will win and vice versa, if that team loses, the player bet will lose. Draw, refund.

Handicap 1/4 left: The favorite team wins, the upper bet wins; The underdog wins, the underdog wins. If the result is a draw, the player with the lower bet receives half the bet, and the upper bet loses half.

1/2 handicap: Only win or lose, no draw or lose half the money.

Handicap 1 goal: The upper team wins by 2 goals or more, the upper bet wins; win by 1 goal difference, refund; The under bet wins or draws, the under bet wins.

Handicap 1 3/4 left: The upper team wins by 3 goals or more, the upper bet wins; 2 goals, the upper bet wins half the bet; 1 goal, over bet loses; The underdog wins.

Handicap 2 goals: The upper team wins by 3 goals or more, the upper bet wins; Win by 2 goals, refund. Draw or lose, the upper bet loses the full amount.

Over/Under odds: Under 3 is under, over 3 is over. A score of 3 left counts as a tie.

Current Macao odds


Current Macao odds


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Typical example of Macao odds

Below is a specific example to help players better understand how to choose bets and calculate money in Macao bets.


For example: In the match between Valur Reykjavik vs Fram Reykjavik, the bookmaker has given the upper bet that the Valur Reykjavik team handicaps the Fram Reykjavik team by 1 goal with the over to win ratio of 0.83, the under to win 0.98. If the player decides to bet this game 1,000,000 VND, the following cases will occur.


Case 1: If the match result is that the upper team wins with a total difference of 2 goals, the player who placed the upper bet will receive the entire bonus of 1,000,000 * 0.83 = 830,000 VND and the person who bet on the lower bet will lose all 1,000,000. VND.

Case 2: If the upper team wins with a difference of only 1 goal, the result is considered a draw and the money will be refunded to both sides.

Case 3: If the match result is a draw or the favorite team loses, the upper bet will lose the entire amount. The underdog will win the entire bonus of 1,000,000 * 0.98 = 980,000 VND.

Example of Macao odds


Example of Macao odds


Hopefully information about Macao odds from the article will help players better understand this type of bet and gain more betting experience. Wishing everyone victory on all betting fronts!


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