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How to Avoid the Hassles of Integrating Online Slots Games

Undoubtedly, the slot machine industry is experiencing significant growth. An efficiently managed iGaming platform has the potential to create substantial profits, with new digital slots being the most lucrative category in terms of revenue. Online casino operators in all five US states where online gambling is permitted had a widespread boost in slot machine income in July 2021.

Upon completing this article, you will have a clear comprehension of the common obstacles that arise in the iGaming and data integration process, as well as strategies for effectively addressing them through collaboration with a reliable games developer partner. Furthermore, you will understand the significance Mahadev Book of casino operators using a current software approach to prevent the inconveniences associated with games integrations.

What is the difficulty?

The content offered to players is a crucial component that significantly contributes to the success of online casinos. The availability of a diverse range of top-notch games leads to increased rates of attracting and keeping players. Given the abundance of developers in the market and the weekly release of over 60 games, achieving this objective may appear straightforward. However, several casinos are currently facing difficulties in providing fresh content and expanding their collection of studios. What is the cause or explanation for it?

The solution is exceedingly clear. There is a significant shortage of IT resources. As a result, operators often prioritize the development of casino platforms and the enhancement of CRM tools or gamification possibilities, rather than investing in expanding their roster of content providers. Nevertheless, there exist methods that might facilitate the optimization of these procedures. Now, let’s examine these possibilities more closely and consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Casinos have the option to increase their selection of games by either integrating a games aggregator or directly integrating with a supplier, depending on their specific needs and goals.

Integration of an aggregator

Aggregator integrations provide a convenient and efficient method to continuously access all Betinexchange apk games from various developers and automatically obtain fresh releases. Casinos often choose this option as it does not demand significant effort from their internal IT personnel, making it the preferred and dominating choice. By integrating with one or two aggregators, operators can gain access to a comprehensive range of services offered by these aggregators, allowing them to have portfolios consisting of up to 30-40 studios simultaneously. Notable aggregators in this context include Relax Gaming (recently acquired by Kindred Group, which I consider a strategic business decision) and Softswiss (providing a casino platform with many software vendors), among others.

Aggregators primarily manage various technical matters, including maintenance and setup, among several suppliers. Additionally, they handle compliance matters by conducting thorough examinations of game certificates and providing resources to ensure adherence to local legislation in various regions. In summary, this method is highly effective and offers significant support to casinos. However, there are also disadvantages to this technique that may not be apparent to certain casino owners and stakeholders:

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