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Fish Shooting for Rewards: Green Game Full of Great Rewards

Shoot fish to get prizes is a world of colorful entertainment and many valuable gifts. The game brings you exciting relaxing moments with an extremely interesting experience. But whether the hunting process is effective or not, you need to flexibly apply tacticsBookmaker New88 share.

Introducing the fish shooting betting game for prizes

Shoot fish to get prizes is a ripe green betting product that is attracting many players to choose. The game is professionally designed with sharp images and realistic colors. What appears is a lively ocean world, in which there are many species of creatures with extremely attractive conversion rates.

The fish shooting game not only has a beautiful interface but also ensures maximum safety for all customers. The game is constantly being upgraded to perfect the entertainment system. Every day players participating in the experience will always feel new and be provided with many opportunities to increase their income.

BBetting on prizes is a super attractive form of betting

Weapon system in online fish shooting and rewards

In addition to the importance of creatures, the weapon system is also a necessary factor to hunt for big rewards. In the fish shooting game you can use the following types of guns and bullets:

Guns and ammunition of all levels

Guns and ammunition from levels 1 to 15 are the best choice for you if you do not have much experience hunting fish. Players should use this weapon to shoot each prey that appears on the table. When you encounter big fish, gradually increase the level of your bullets to be able to catch them.


Cannons are weapons that can cause great damage, so use them to shoot big fish. During hunting, use cannons to shoot large sized prey.


In the fish shooting game, bombs can destroy a lot of prey in the surrounding area. You only need to drop the bomb once to defeat a large number of creatures.


Similar to bombs, when you throw a mine, you will catch many fish. Take advantage of this weapon to shorten hunting time. To exchange for mines, you will need a lot of coins, so use them when destroying a school of fish or large fish.


To destroy many fish, use bombs during hunting


With one net, the player has the ability to catch a large school of fish. Gamers should choose the right opportunity to spread the net and destroy many prey.


Spray poison on the fish’s path. The player needs to predict which direction the prey will swim to spray the medicine. Thus, you will definitely not miss any targets during the hunting process.

Fish shooting tips to win prizes for accurately destroying prey

Many players think that just using guns and bullets can catch a lot of fish. However, this is a wrong view and you need to flexibly apply the following strategies:

Use Auto mode at the appropriate time

The fish shooting game is equipped with an auto mode to support players. But you cannot overuse this feature, but must use it in certain cases. If it’s just shooting odd swimming fish, it’s really unnecessary. Gamers should choose the appropriate time such as meeting big fish or fish swimming in groups. Thus, new members can kill many prey without spending much money.

Don’t ignore newly appearing prey

Fish that have just swam off the table are the easiest targets to catch. At this time they are not hindered by large fish swimming around. Furthermore, when they appear at the corner of the table they have not yet swum far so destroying them is not too complicated. Players should have their bullets ready so that as soon as they see them swimming out, they can immediately shoot them down.

Use all the features

In addition to the automatic shooting mode, the remaining features need to be fully utilized. Because the system provides many functions to help members destroy all prey. But to achieve high efficiency, players need to carefully learn about each feature to use it best.

Take advantage of all the features to hunt fish

Participate in promotions to increase betting capital

Fish shooting game with prizes at the houseNew88 2024 Regularly offers many promotions and extremely attractive codes. You need to continuously update information about these incentives and events to raise capital. This is a free bonus for players to increase the number of betting rounds. So. Gamers absolutely cannot miss any program.

In the above content is useful information aboutShoot fish and get prizes and precise hunting tactics. Players should not just use one technique, but should apply it in the most flexible and smart way. Please press link New88 to register to participate in a super exciting entertainment experience. Learn more NEW88 SPORTS here.2

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