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Will Locking Laminate Flooring Or Adhesive Plastic Flooring Be Suitable?

Self-adhesive laminate flooring is popular in many families today. However, consumers will be hesitant between laminated vinyl flooring and glued vinyl flooring. Therefore, to choose which type to install, it is necessary to consider the difference between the two types. Let’s find out with KOBLER so you have the best choice for your family!

The general structure of self-adhesive laminate flooring

– Possesses a multi-layered structure that overlaps each other.
– Various colors and sharp wood grains create a realistic feeling like natural wood.
– Anti-mold, the termite, resistant to high pressure, beautiful glossy surface, ensuring smooth travel.
It is difficult to choose the locked plastic floor or the glued plastic floor installed in the house. Therefore, you can rely on the difference of the two types to decide.

The difference between glued plastic floor and locked plastic floor

– With glued vinyl flooring: When installing, you need to use glue to fix the position. If you use poor-quality self-adhesive laminate flooring, it will easily peel and warp. In addition, glued plastic floors do not use joints, so when joining 02 panels, high precision is required to avoid peeling and gluing many times because when removed, it will leave traces. Therefore, can affect the aesthetics of the house.

– But in the lock plastic floor: Completely overcome those defects. Each edge of the board has a yin-yang joint to create a tight, solid fit when the connection is right. From there, you can save installation time or ease when dismantling. This is also the reason why vinyl flooring is chosen by many families to use.

German standard quartz floor KOBLER – using European standard ONE-STEP LOCKING technology with Homag machine system – Germany, combined with I4F locking technology for accuracy up to 99.9%, thereby speeding up The installation rate up to 3 times to save maximum time.

Contact us now to choose a standard German quartz floor model KOBLER that brings comfort, aesthetics, and sustainability up to 30 YEARS to your home.

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