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What is the UV Painted Surface Of Laminate Laminate Flooring? How Is It Qualified?

In the production of laminate flooring, the UV coating treatment is very important. The high-quality UV-coated plastic wood floor surface ensures outstanding durability for the floor. With a 5-layer construction, UV coating is the last and important step to ensure durability. Let’s find out the standards of UV coating with KOBLER.

What is UV coating?

Based on the solidification principle of UV coating:

A type of liquid compound that coats the surface of plastic wood floors. Then use radiation to generate free radicals to create a hard coating to protect the surface.

Advantages of UV-coated laminate flooring
– The floor surface is beautiful, uniform and maintains its permanent color over time.
– Easier to clean than before coating.
– Improve surface hardness.
– Reduce scratches in the process of living
– In addition, it also helps to improve the quality and durability of the floor.

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Superior G-UV technology on German standard quartz floor KOBLER

Applying G-UV technology to improve the durability of plastic wood floor surfaces. This is the most advanced UV coating technology in Germany today.

KOBLER uses a double coating process – “double ultraviolet lighting” for double protection, keeping floors always bright.Combined with Microban Protection to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria for your family.

Different from common laminate flooring, UV coating of quartz floor goes through 12 standard steps:

First, put the Ballet of planks into the European standard automatic lifting system
Then, the robot hand in the automatic lifting system will lift each sheet onto the UV coating line
Next, pass the board through the automatic cleaning system (with brush and vacuum cleaner).
Continue to put the floor plate through the infrared heating system at a temperature of 45 degrees C
Floor level is run through a UV primer system.
Run through 2 UV lamps to cure the film surface.
Experiencing the cooling fan system
2nd UV Coating
Go through 5 UV lamps to completely cure the absolutely dry surface
Repeat cooling system
To the automatic lifting system, the robot hand will lift each floor plate to the Ballet.
Finally, take the Ballet to the warehouse to wait for it to stabilize for 24 hours before moving on to the next stage.

The German standard UV coating offers quality KOBLER Quartz Floors that can be guaranteed for 30 years. Your family can feel secure when KOBLER is with you.

Contact us now for detailed advice on sustainable plastic wood flooring solutions for your family.

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