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German Standard Flooring Quartz: “Multipurpose” In Your Home

70% from Quartz Stone floor lining creates toughness and durability for the product. As a result, KOBLER quartz floor was chosen as the installation for the floor and tiling locations. Let’s find out why KOBLER is versatile in indoor roles.

German standard quartz floor construction

To meet different needs, the KOBLER floor consists of 5 structural layers:
– G-UV coating: double protection, year-round color fastness. The Microban Protection feature prevents bacteria that are harmful to family health.
– Anti-scratch layer: Protects the surface, resists abrasion, scratches and meets the European standard AC6 level.
– Pattern film layer: exclusive design and bold European style.
– Composition of reinforced quartz stone floor: ensure durability when dropped over 1,600mm. In addition, the floor supports increased energy, feng shui prosperity.
– IXPE sole layer: the floor reduces noise and smoothness when moving. Especially not containing Phthalate certified by Intertek UK.

cấu tạo sàn thạch anh Kobler

With an outstanding 5-layer construction, you now have peace of mind for a wide range of applications in your home.

Flooring application
KOBLER floors bring luxury and sustainable amenities to life. With one-step release latch technology, disassembly becomes more convenient and easier. KOBLER is superior to others with its composition of Quartz Stone Flooring.

Decorative wall cladding applications, making partitions to replace plaster
Wall cladding is also a popular choice. Wood grain patterns help the wall create more impressive accents. And you can use it instead of drywall to divide the space more conveniently.

Application of paving stairs
Use KOBLER flooring to cover the stairs. The floor will create accents for the walkway and increase the anti-slip properties for the stairs. This is an advantage that is hard to find in stone stairs.

Applications in the kitchen space
Not only tiling the floor, you can tiling in the kitchen space for easy cleaning. Possessing the “One-Step Pin release” locking technology, the product creates an absolute tightness.

It can be said that the German standard floor KOBLER has proven the outstanding and versatile value of the floor when the application is diverse. With a warranty of up to 30 years, KOBLER German standard quartz flooring is a versatile, safe and aesthetic choice for all projects. Contact us now for advice and support!

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