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KOBLER Group (Germany) was founded by Engineer Martin Mannhardt, inspired by his hometown of Koblenz city, which is considered the spearhead of Germany’s economy, technology, and finance. With the goal of bringing the best value to customers, KOBLER flooring is proud to become an indispensable part, contributing to the building of millions of homes in Germany, Austria, and France. In 2021, KOBLER decided to expand its business to the Vietnamese market, setting its determination to conquer Vietnamese customers with products of outstanding German quality.


Constantly innovating and creating to launch outstanding products, thereby, rising and achieving the leading position in interior equipment and “green” building materials in the international market.


KOBLER is committed to being a leading supplier of products and solutions for furniture and building materials with German quality standards, environmentally friendly, and durable over time for homeowners, distributors, homeowners, and local contractors. By contributing to the sustainable development of the community and society.


Customers are the focus – putting benefits first. Quality is the mark of the brand.

The interests of customers are always the top priority, the goal is satisfaction and trust is the measure of our success.

Quality is the mark of the brand.

We build and affirm brand reputation based on outstanding product quality; Constantly delivering quality that exceeds customer expectations.

Human resources are the lifeblood of an enterprise.

KOBLER wishes to build a team of talented German personnel to create the most perfect products and services. And we appreciate, encourage, and do our best for the development of each employee so that they can maximize their capacity and achieve the desired goals.

03 pillars of joy in our community: The joy of buying - The joy of selling - The joy of creating.

Purchasing Pleasure – Creating enjoyable experiences for distributors, local contractors, and homeowners when purchasing, using high-quality products and services according to German standards.

The joy of selling – Building a unified and consensus system to provide optimal solutions for the community’s living space.

Creative joy – Striving and constantly creating new values to best meet the changing needs of each day is the guideline in all activities.