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Imitation Stone Plastic Flooring –  Is It The Choice Of Tile Flooring And Laminate Flooring

Some types of flooring are popular and are chosen by many people, such as tile flooring, laminate flooring. However, imitation stone plastic flooring offers many outstanding advantages and more optimal costs. Let’s evaluate these 03 types of flooring with KOBLER to choose the right one for your project.

Outstanding features of tile floors

Tile flooring is a traditional material easily found in construction stores in Vietnam. The outstanding features of the tile floor:

– Completely waterproof.

– Easy cleaning.

– Color fastness, relatively long life.

However, design trends change constantly, tile floors are not favored by general consumer tastes. Not only that, the repair is relatively expensive and requires the mobilization of professional workers. Therefore, many young families are afraid of using tile floors. In addition, in the northern winter, the brick floor also creates a cold feeling for the house.

Outstanding features of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is considered an environmentally friendly material. Simulation of natural textures creates a homely flair that other materials can match.

However, although laminate flooring is aesthetically pleasing, it is difficult to clean daily. At the same time, the surface of the wood grain is easily scratched and abraded. In addition, laminate flooring still has termites and is checked every 6 months.

Imitation stone plastic floor and the reason to choose quartz floor instead of tile and laminate flooring

Imitation stone plastic floor is a line of flooring materials designed to look like real stone. This will be a future trend. With the ability to eliminate the defects of the above two types of flooring, it is popular in many countries.

Not imitation stone plastic floor, KOBLER quartz floor – the choice to replace tile flooring and laminate flooring.

KOBLER quartz floor overcomes all these disadvantages, commits to a 30-year warranty. We will bring sustainable solutions for every project.

A number of exclusive technologies bring outstanding features to the product:
– European standard “One-step release latch” locking technology, quickly disassembles, maximizing installation costs. Get rid of worries when you are confused with tile floors.

công nghệ hèm khóa Kobler
– Superior anti-fouling G-UV technology, easier to clean than laminate flooring. With the “double ultraviolet lighting” process that doubles the protection, keeping the floor always bright for a long time, combined with the Microban Protection feature to prevent the formation of harmful bacteria for your family.

công nghệ GUV Kobler
– Cool-Mixing technology – a step forward in the flooring industry. The imitation stone plastic floor is increased in cohesion, does not shrink, warp and mold. Eliminate things that are easy to encounter in industrial wood floors.

công nghệ cool mixing Kobler

– High quality quartz stone composition reduces stress, creates positive energy in the house. After many years of studying oriental culture decided to incorporate into the product. In addition to activating feng shui for the house and also increasing the toughness and solidity of the product.

Durable Quartz Floor – 30-Year Warranty, a sustainable companion for your family!

Contact us now for advice and choose KOBLER German standard quartz flooring for your family.

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