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1. What are the advantages of KOBLER German standard quartz stone floor?

German standard quartz stone floor KOBLER with quartz stone composition helps to increase positive energy, good for feng shui of the house. G-UV and Cool-Mixing technology provide outstanding anti-fouling ability, and color fastness increased by 3 times, completely eliminating the phenomenon of anti-termite, warping.

2. Where can KOBLER German standard quartz stone floor be used?

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, KOBLER German standard quartz stone floor can be used in all areas, including wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens… or areas with high traffic density. Such as commercial centers, restaurants, medical facilities, etc.

3. Is KOBLER German standard quartz stone floor safe for health?

German standard quartz stone floor KOBLER is composed of 100% high-grade primary materials, does not contain VOC volatile organic substances and does not contain carcinogenic Formaldehyde and other harmful substances. KOBLER flooring has been certified to European CE and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards for hard surface flooring materials.

4. Is KOBLER German quartz stone floor easy to maintain?

Yes. With absolute water resistance and high durability, you can clean the floor as quickly and simply as other types of flooring without worrying about warping, mold, or color fading.

5. Is KOBLER German standard quartz stone floor easy to install?

Yes. Using I4F one-step latching technology, KOBLER flooring can be easily installed at speed up to 3 times faster, saving construction costs, without affecting the existing floor surface, and easy to install. Easy to disassemble, replace and reuse.

6. What's the difference between a floor with and without a base?

High-grade IXPE soles used on KOBLER floors enhance the ability to grip the surface are easy to apply on absolutely uneven surfaces, make walking on the floor smoother, and are effective in absorption, absorption, and reducing noise.

7. Does KOBLER support construction and installation?

In each province, KOBLER has a representative office and a team of consultants, assisting in contacting the construction team and supervising the construction of customers’ needs.

8. User Manual

Step 1:Clean your sub floor and create a firm & flat surface before flooring installation.

Step 2: With the uneven floor, you can cover a liner to make the floor smooth and flat.

(The liner can be PE plastic with a thickness of 2mm)

Step 3: Install the slab under the locking system. Fit the second slab into the locking system of the previous one

Step 4: Gently tap down with a rubber hammer to help seal the joints

Step 5: Clean all the construction dust on the floor. After that, the installation is completed