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Choose Standard Laminate Floor Color Like a Pro

Choosing the right plastic flooring model will help create a more sophisticated and quality living space. Discover the criteria used by experts when choosing floor colors and patterns for a space.

– Choose the floor color according to the space area

Light-toned plastic floors will create a more spacious and airy feeling, suitable for small spaces. You avoid choosing thick, dark veined floor models that will make the space narrow.

In contrast, with rooms with large space, you cannot miss the dark-toned plastic floor. In addition, the dark brown, gray brown … will be suitable for wooden furniture in Vietnam.

– In the style of housing design

You can choose the floor pattern based on the main interior design style in the house. For example, the Minimalist style, the simple wood-grained plastic floor, the neutral color is completely suitable. On the contrary, the deep tones and sharp wood grain are ideal choices for the classic trend.

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– Floor model suitable for the function of the room

Depending on the function of each room, choose the appropriate floor color.

For example:

Choose bright colors and unique patterns to highlight the elegance of the living room space.
Soft, neutral colors are suitable for the bedroom to help you relax, relax and sleep better.
The kitchen is an area prone to oil stains, so dark and rough floor colors will become the perfect choice to help limit visible stains and slips.

– Apply feng shui rules

Feng shui is always a factor of concern when homeowners renew their home. In it, you need to consider choosing a floor color that is suitable for par and age to increase energy and feng shui.

With KOBLER, floor models are diverse with gentle, neutral colors and beautiful wood grain designs, in accordance with current trends and spaces. In addition, combined with the supple quartz stone powder, contributes to increasing feng shui energy for the house.

KOBLER – 30 year warranty, the ideal choice for millions of families.
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